CFM's product line includes six engine models that are tailored to the aircraft applications they power. From the initial CFM56-2 to today's Tech Insertion CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B, our engines are the most sought-after in the industry.

Spanning a thrust range of 18,500 to 34,000 pounds, CFM engines are the power behind more than 7,500 commercial and military aircraft.

CFM's vast field experience of OVER 400 million flight hours is built into every engine we make. Blending proven reliability with cost-effective technology, CFM engines lead the industry in reliability, durability, performance retention, and time on wing.





The GE CF6 family is the cornerstone of the widebody, high bypass ratio turbofan engine business at GE. For more than 30 years, the GE CF6 family of engines has established an impressive operational record. The engine family has compiled more than 325 million flight hours with more than 260 customer since it entered commercial revenue service in 1971.


The CF6 traces its beginnings to the early 1960's and the GE TF39 engine. In 1965, GE was awarded the contract to develop the engines for the USAF's Lockheed C-5A "Galaxy" transport. The technology and design philosophy incorporated into this powerplant launched GE into the high bypass commercial market.


Today, GE's strong commercial customer base is testament to our ability to design and build engines that exceed our customer's expectations.


Starting in 1971 with the 40,000 lb. thrust CF6-6 and continuing today with our newest, highest thrust CF6 engine, the 72,000 lb. thrust CF6-80E1, more CF6 engines have been produced and have flown more hours than any other high bypass engine family ever produced.


But the CF6 engine program is not one to rest on past accomplishments. GE designers and engineers are constantly improving the performance and reliability of this proven industry leader.


New technology and materials are being infused into this mature engine line to insure that the CF6 continues to set the pace for engines in its thrust class for years to come.



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